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Wedding sand ceremony kit. The sand ceremony is an alternative to the unity candle ceremony frequently performed at weddings. It's perfect for outdoor weddings (especially beach weddings) and blended families. Ask your celebrant more about the sand ceremony.


Your set includes:

Large block is 19x19cm with a lid and can hold 2kg of the sand 

2 pouring jars are 21cm tall and can hold 500grams of the sand

2kg of sand in 3 colours ( brides colour, grooms colour and base colour for the start and the finish of your block)


Buy Extra pouring jars if you wanna your children include in the ceremony. Pouring vases are 17cm tall (cylinder ) and can hold 300grams of sand. 


Colours may be used to match your wedding theme, or couples can choose colours using colour meanings

White: Purity, spiritual values, devotion

Yellow: Harmony, balance, friendship

Pink or Red: Love, passion, romance, happiness

Green: Health, luck, prosperity

Purple: Power, dignity, strength

Brown: Nurturing, home, and hearth

Blue: Patience, tranquillity, longevity

Silver: Creativity, talents, inspiration*

*information is taken from LoveToKnow Media

Sand ceremony kit - Our story begins here

PriceFrom €60.00
  • It will takes up to week to finish your order

  • You will receive a full set of 3 jars and 2kg of sand in 3 colours , choose from 17 colours of your choice. Sand ceremony set is personalised with your names and the date

    Order an extra cylinder jar for €10 (includes 200 grams of sand and personalisation)

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